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( Translated ) Hello citizens. I am MentroMike Uploaded! Nothing has changed at all just some adjustments made.

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( Translated ) I promise things I will do will not effect the world around you. Or the things I usually do.

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( Translated ) I thank you all for your attention and for your cooperation. Please if any complaints arise please notify me in the comments or in the Personal Message.

Another " Did U Know? "

2009-08-10 14:24:10 by MentroMike

Hey There! This Is a Brand New " DID U KNOW? " As I Said Last Time " How Many People Died In The Civil War? " Well Now I Am Answering! To See Last Times Post Go Here - Last Times " Did U Know? "


" Did You Know That The total killed in action during the civil war, was a little over 600,000, which even today, is more than in all the rest of America's wars combined!

HEY! How Many Video Games Are There In The World?

Thats All For This Times " Did U Know? "

Thanks... Please Comment....

Another " Did U Know? "

Another " Did U Know? "

2009-08-03 16:26:50 by MentroMike

HEY! This Is A New " Did U Know? " post! To See Where It Started Look at the
Last Post . Now Last Time I Asked How Many Dog breeds Are There? Well Here it Is!


Did U Know That
There are about 5000 breeds of dogs, and only about 150 or so are registered with AKC and more with CKC!

HEY!!! How Many People Died In The Civil War?

Thats All For this Times " Did U Know? "

EDIT: I Just Realized I have an Even 800 Medal Points!!!

Another " Did U Know? "

I Am Doing this New Thing Where I Post Things That People might Not Have Known And Then I Will Ask About Something and then the next time I Do a Did You Know Post I Will Give an Answer. All Starting Today!


Did You Know That there Are 12282 ICE CREAM FLAVORS IN COUNTING!

HEY! How Many Dog Breeds Are There In All?

Thats All For Todays " DID U KNOW? "

Im Doing this New Thing Called "Did U Know?"

Michael Jackson's Unreleased Song!

2009-07-18 03:02:25 by MentroMike

Here it is The Internet Sensation... The Unreleased Song of Michael Jackson!

/* */
Personally The News Is Talking to Much About the Death Of Him But Since People Like Talking about it I Presented this song. Though The Song Is Cheerful in its tune and beat You have to admit him Making a Song About Going to a Place Without No Name is eerie and creepy when he ends up Dead and going To That giant Concert Of Music Kings in The Sky... Hanging With Elvis The King,Freddie Mercury of Queen, and all the Classic Guys like Beethoven and Bahk Know Have The King Of Pop. We Will Miss Michael Jackson.

I Might Make a Book ( Story )

2009-07-04 13:26:13 by MentroMike

I Might Just Make a Story... I Have a Great Idea For it and Im Not Sure When To Start it... Like Many Great Authors We get an idea on how to start it and then it just starts coming out... The Ideas Do. But I Will Need some more characters... So If You Want to Join On In The Story Just Leave a PM a Comment... Anything... Say What Character you want to be... But This whole story has PEOPLE IN IT... NOT WOLVES OR HEDGEHOGS OR FOXES OR ANY OF THAT. Plus Its Gonna Be About Some Guy Who was made in a Lab who has The Characteristics of Animals and being evil makes him Stronger... SO this will be a very different story... Comment or PM if you want to be in it...

Read Last Post Please

2009-06-22 19:19:56 by MentroMike

Read Last Post Please cause idk...

Im MentroMike!

2009-06-22 19:07:32 by MentroMike

Im Changing For Reasons... Mainly Because My Original Account has been banned from submitting art which might get in the way of some things I want to do... SO! I am Changing Everything! ( Not Really ) But Im Changing just my point! Well Here I am as... MENTRO MIKE!!!