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Im Doing this New Thing Called "Did U Know?"

2009-07-22 16:35:30 by MentroMike

I Am Doing this New Thing Where I Post Things That People might Not Have Known And Then I Will Ask About Something and then the next time I Do a Did You Know Post I Will Give an Answer. All Starting Today!


Did You Know That there Are 12282 ICE CREAM FLAVORS IN COUNTING!

HEY! How Many Dog Breeds Are There In All?

Thats All For Todays " DID U KNOW? "

Im Doing this New Thing Called "Did U Know?"


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2009-07-22 17:24:28

thanks! i have diabetes now! And no doubt aids too.

MentroMike responds:

Aids? Diabetes I Can understand but how they hell did you get aids by this?


2009-07-24 13:07:46

lol. i got carried away.

MentroMike responds:

Funny! Very Amusing!