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Entry #8

%u02DD®´´%u2020%u02C6%u02DC©ß ´å®%u2020%u02D9¬%u02C6%u02DC©ß

2009-12-16 23:13:34 by MentroMike

Ó´¬¬ø ç%u02C6%u2020%u02C6%u03A9´%u02DCß%u226 5 %u02C6 åµ Â´%u02DC%u2020®øÂ%u02C6%u02DA´ ¨%u03C0¬øå%u2202´%u2202%u2044 %u02DCø%u2020%u02D9%u02C6%u02DC© %u02D9åß ç%u02D9å%u02DC©´%u2202 å%u2020 嬬 %u2206¨ß%u2020 ßøµ´ å%u2202%u2206¨ß%u2020µ´%u02DC%u2020ß µå%u2202´%u2265

( Translated ) Hello citizens. I am MentroMike Uploaded! Nothing has changed at all just some adjustments made.

%u02C6 %u03C0®øµ%u02C6ß´ %u2020%u02D9%u02C6%u02DC©ß %u02C6 %u2211%u02C6¬¬ %u2202ø %u2211%u02C6¬¬ %u02DCø%u2020 ´%u0192%u0192´ç%u2020 %u2020%u02D9´ %u2211ø®¬%u2202 å®ø¨%u02DC%u2202 ¥ø¨%u2265 Ø® %u2020%u02D9%u2020%u02D9%u02C6%u02DC©ß %u02C6 ¨ß¨å¬¬¥ %u2202ø%u2265

( Translated ) I promise things I will do will not effect the world around you. Or the things I usually do.

%u02C6 %u2020%u02D9å%u02DC%u02DA ¥ø¨ 嬬 %u0192ø® ¥ø¨® å%u2020%u2020´%u02DC%u2020%u02C6ø%u02D C å%u02DC%u2202 ¥ø¨® çøø%u03C0´®å%u2020%u02C6ø%u02DC%u2265 %u220F¬´åß´ %u02C6%u0192 å%u02DC¥ çøµ%u03C0¬å%u02C6%u02DC%u2020ß å®%u02C6ß´ %u03C0¬´åß´ %u02DCø%u2020%u02C6%u0192¥ µ´ %u02C6%u02DC %u2020%u02D9´ %u2020%u02D9´ çøµµ´%u02DC%u2020ß ø® %u02C6%u02DC %u2020%u02D9´ %u220F´®ßø%u02DCå¬ Â´ßßå©´%u2265

( Translated ) I thank you all for your attention and for your cooperation. Please if any complaints arise please notify me in the comments or in the Personal Message.


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