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The real review is missing?

I actually went to the game- SUPER PSTW ACTION RPG and went through all the reviews and I made to the review that was made on February, 4, 2010 the one below it was made on January, 27, 2010... Why would they delete that review? Maybe because it was so useless... Also I cant find axman13... Whatever happened, happened. Wish it hadn't though.

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Wow... Still Great!

Yet Again! Who Comes Up With this Crazy Stuff?! I Mean I Know Sakupen does but How Does he come up with it? Cutting The Elevator So He Could Climb The Rope Up To His Office?! Thats Genius! Still Great as The Original Was!


Its So Crazy And Random That You Have To Like! I Mean Only a Crazy Guy Could Come Up With This Stuff But This Crazy Stuff Is Great!

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Did I understand the story? No. Did I understand what they were saying? No. Did I like the ending? No. Was it interesting? Yes. Did it make me keep playing? Yes. Did I enjoy the artwork? Yes. Did I overall like the game. Sure why not.

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Could be better... Great idea though!

I hate Justin Bieber. Throughout this game I found myself saying "Take that bitch!" but, the gameplay wasn't amazing. You know what I mean? I felt like this should have expanded or at least could have expanded alot more. How about making a very in depth sequel where he is first on a basic small stage and you throw bottles at him and once his health runs out you get to go on stage and beat him with your fists or a bottle. Then he runs onto a bigger stage ( this is saying as he gets more famous we hate him more ), now we have a knife and you know same thing and at the end we beat him with the knife and he runs off to a new stage a gun and shoot at him and then get on stage and beat him with then gun and then when you go to shoot him point blank he runs off. Then the game can change format and turn into a sharpshooter where he is at a huge concert moving around and what not and you have one shot and if you don't make the kill the security he finally has will kill you if you shoot and miss. Then a whole dramatic cutscene of him collapsing after the shot and how all the people scatter and how the Beiber empire fails and then maybe a free mode could be unlocked where you just beat him with an array of weapons. Put all that into a better looking sequel and I will give you a 10 out of 10.

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Fun game and all...

Its actually entertaining but I have a few questions... He had to go out there to get to his camping spot which by the way he camped alone and never noticed all the spikes everywhere and the weird guard guys with guns... I mean honestly how long was he camping that these guys could set up spikes and a secret facility. Another thing is that why does this guy feels he has to go out and blow up this place... The fact that he thinks he has to kill all these guards before he knows about the evil experimenting... There was really no story line and no real motivation towards the games plot but other then that it was a fun game with simple gameplay and simple story

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Amazing Stuff Here!

Its So Awesome! Beyond Phsicadelic...

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Man how Awesome!

Woah If I Was A Hippie I Would So Phscadeliced! But im Not so I Will Say This. its Really Awesome. I Tried to Get Scouted but nobody Scouts me. I Recommend you though. Can You Recommend Me? Other than that U Rock.


Yeah Somebody Did Steal From U. I Think He is an Asshole. Your Not an Asshole just Him. By The Way Nice Work though add a bit more detail to the Backround.

nosferaytu responds:

Thanks and btw the guy who stole my stuff is gone.

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